Netherland - Rijswijk 2018

Netherland - Rijswijk 2018 Rijswijk 2018 cladding project on new 120m building of future Patent Office in Neherland. All building is cover from glass. This glass is mounted on window frames what is take couple months to install. We did several jobs on this building. Main job was cladding of panels on steel columns. We had 3 steps to cover steel columns - we have to shooting small profiles to the steel where we later screw all panels, fit isolation on steel between small profiles and on the last we cover it with 1mm silver panels. For lifting of all material on position we use winch. Between cladding job we install 100m of QuikDeck system for instalation glass roof above top level and some window frames on building. All ropeaccess work we did in 9 weeks for SkyAccess B.V.