QDC - Bridge/NL

QDC - Bridge/NL (Quick Deck System) First project with ,,hanging scaffolding,, - Quik Deck System – what we did on land in the Netherlands. All project was coordinate by SkyAccess B.V. in city Zupthen. We did reconstruction and repair of the bridge. Work plan was gridblasting, concrete repair and painting. We have to install ,,Quik Deck System,, for easy Access and fast time Schedule. Quik Deck System was for this project the best option because of speed and carrying capacity 350kg per 1m2. The bridge was 80m long and 10m wide. We build first 40m length - 400m2, what is half of the bridge. This part was repaired, then the we dismantled 400m2, transfer to another side and built the other half of the bridge. 400m2 of the area under the bridge, 12 workers built in 72 hours.