Saudi Arabia - Al Jubail

Saudi Arabia - Al Jubail This project involves a lot of adjustments as - Flare Tip Exchange + monoseal, welding new extra supports for E&I instalation the new power lines, replacement complete of E&I cables , replacement control gas panels, painting a ll risers and much more ... the actual preparation of materials and installation before work took four weeks prior to the implementation of the project. Fler was 160 meters high, composed of five raiser. Each raiser was 31 meters long, diameter 60 "and weighed 14 tons. Monoseal was 15,5ton and Flare tip 7 tons. All lifting was attached in to the 1 main winch. Steel cable was rewound over 8 pulleys and connected to the lifting block. Big lifting block was mounted on the back of the raiser. Total replacement work we did in 2 weeks in day and night shifts. Our task was supervise project, contorl all lifting process and all organization of manpower. The project was completed 4 days before it was planned. The project we did for Saudi Arabian company Expertise - www.expertindus.com