Indonesia - KALIMANTAN

Indonesia - KALIMANTAN After five years we returned back to exchange of two Flare tips that are located in two towers in the jungle Indonesian island of Kalimantan for Total NPU Indonesia. Shut down was scheduled for seven days, where we have needed five exchange days for Fler tips. Two flare towers have distance about 500 meters one to another. We made it two working groups and change the Flare tips at the same time. Because the crane is not possible to lift we changed them again with ,,A,, frame structure, designed and manufactured by the Dutch company EuroRigging B.V. All our equipment was load and attached on LCT boats and located undder the Flare towers. Flare tips was weighed 3,2t and we used the winch on the strength of two tons. All work we managed by plan, safely and on time.