Netherland - Hoftoren 2016

Netherland - Hoftoren 2016 Continue work on Hoftoren in Den Haag. Hoftoren is 29-storey and 141.86 m tall building in The Den Hague. It is the third tallest building in the city, and the eighth highest in the Netherlands. The building was completed in 2003 and therefore the roof needed renovation. The roof is constructed with a steel frames and covered with aluminum panels on the surrounding area of building. We had to first remove all the aluminum panels so that we could get to all areas of the steel structure. We had to remove corroded parts and apply a new paint coat. The coatings was applied in four layers in order to achieve a sufficient protective thickness. The overall design of the roof is 3,500 meters square. After complete repainting we had to instal back again aluminum panels. All Ropeaccess jobs was by SkyAccess B.V.