KSA - Jubail

KSA - Jubail Another project from Saudi Arabia in city Al Jubail. Fler was 120m high and hold 2 big and 1 small flare tip. Because Fler was build in the middle of plant and rafineri had short window of big shut down it was not possible to assembly big crane for our work. We do all main lifting work by winch and trusses.  This project had a lot of adjustments work as -  Inspection of all Fler Tips, small Fler tip we dismantled include monoseal and transfer on the ground for cleaning and inspection. We did buffing, cleaning and painting on both big monoseals, NDT inspections on tips, many welding repairs on top of both big Fler tips, Remove old windshields and Pilots on both big Flare tips and exchange for new, E&I work, cleaning of monoseals, air blowing of all pipelines. The one surprise was when we open a monoseals. It was expecting of some small amount of Pall rings what they use in process.  We loaded 14 big bags of Pall rings from monoseals. We had again great support of Filipinos guys from Flare division of Expertise. Project was completed in 12 working days. This project was in cooperation with www.expertindus.com