Netherland - Rijswijk 2018

Rijswijk 2018 cladding project on new 120m building of future Patent Office in Neherland. All building is cover from glass. This glass is mounted on window frames what is take couple months to install. We did several jobs on this building. Main job...

KSA - Jubail

Another project from Saudi Arabia in city Al Jubail. Fler was 120m high and hold 2 big and 1 small flare tip. Because Fler was build in the middle of plant and rafineri had short window of big shut down it was not possible to assembly big crane for...

Quik Deck - ESKA

ESKA is company in North of Holland what make paper as a product. Is older factory where need remove old azbest ceiling. The Quik Deck system was good to do it fast, safe and with out stop production activity.  We have to build and remove it total 150m2 of Quik...

KSA - Jubail PK

Another project from Saudi Arabia in city Al Jubail. This project involves a lot of adjustments as - Fler Tip Exchange + painting monoseal and David lift system, welding extra supports for E&I installation the new power lines,...

QDC - Bridge/NL

(Quick Deck System) First project with ,,hanging scaffolding,, - Quik Deck System – what we did on land in the Netherlands. All project was coordinate by SkyAccess B.V. in city Zupthen. We did reconstruction and repair of the bridge. Work plan was gridblasting, concrete repair...

Quick Deck System

By SkyAccess B.V. we did hanging scaffold Quik Deck System in North Sea platform what was belong to Shell company. QuikDeck system offers the advantage of working safely on the open, modular platform. Quick deck using the basic steel components for decks and like...

Indonesia - KALIMANTAN

After five years we returned back to exchange of two Flare tips that are located in two towers in the jungle Indonesian island of Kalimantan for Total NPU Indonesia. Shut down was scheduled for seven days, where we have needed five exchange days for Fler tips....

Netherland - Hoftoren 2016

Continue work on Hoftoren in Den Haag. Hoftoren is 29-storey and 141.86 m tall building in The Den Hague. It is the third tallest building in the city, and the eighth highest in the Netherlands. The building was completed in 2003 and therefore the roof needed renovation. The roof...

South Korea - DSME

Another big project in South Korea. Through "Mega Jack system" by ALE company we lifting new oil platform, which is prepare for the Chevron Wheatstone project in Australia. They made the whole rig in port DSME shipyard - Geoje-si...

North Sea

Offshore project in the North Sea on drilling rig, as we installed an extra electrical cabling for inspection and control rooms. The work involved pulling cables from out platform to inside platform and the subsequent installation...


Ropeaccess project in one of the carrier ship for transfer stones and small materials. Inside the tanks for transfer material we change all plastics plates on walls. Because the tanks was 12m high and on sharp angels we had to use...

Netherland - Hoftoren 2015

Hoftoren is 29-storey and 141.86 m tall building in The Den Hague. It is the third tallest building in the city, and the eighth highest in the Netherlands. The building was completed in 2003 and therefore the roof needed...

Netherland - Rotterdam

At the port of Rotterdam Keppel Verlome we cleaned the legs on the platform Sea Fox 2 for NDT inspection. Control was done by 70 meters at designated welded joints legs construction. We had to remove a thick layer of shells and...

Netherland - Heerma

Rigging project by SkyAccess in Heerma Fabrication group in Zwijndrecht in Rotterdam, Netherland. Heerema Zwijndrecht was one of the first companies in Europe to fabricate offshore platforms, jackets and modules. Over the last three...

Saudi Arabia - Al Jubail

This project involves a lot of adjustments as - Flare Tip Exchange + monoseal, welding new extra supports for E&I instalation the new power lines, replacement complete of E&I cables , replacement control gas panels, painting a ll...

Netherland - Capelle

Window Cleaning of Residential homes in city Capelle. After a long time we got a window cleaning job and certainly this is one of the most strive jobs in ropeaccess. When you are pressed for time, nice weather and a fast drying...

Saudi Arabia - Jubail

We worked on a demountable flare of height of 130 meters, build up of 7 risers, each riser was 18m long, measured 42 "and weighed 8tons. Flare tip alone weighed 2.5 tonnes. Riser have been lifted with two winches, each winch had own pulley block...

Heerma Hermond

Crane ships HEERMA companies are among the largest in the world. Crane Ship (SSCV) Hermod was built in Japan in 1978 by Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Ltd. Ship Hermod has two cranes that can lift that individually or in tandem. Hermond ship is 154 m long, 86 m wide and is capable of lifting in...


In October 2013 we are completed the removal and installation of two retractable flares and installation of two new flare tips in MLNG refinery in East Malaysia with partnership of Dutch company CONBIT.

In a retractable...


We had the opportunity to participate and help a new project in South Korea, which took place the largest and heaviest lift ever. Through "Mega Jack system" by ALE company is lifting rig, which was prepared for the voyage to Russia. They made the...

North sea – GT1

GT1 project has continued from Rotterdam to the German North Sea sector, which has been installed in order to connect the windmill. GT1 is the first offshore wind farm, which begins to build in the German sector and array consists about 80...

Indonesia – Batam

Standing oil platform,, Atlantic London,, is reconstructed from a drilling system for accommodation unit because is accommodation shortages of workers working at sea. The platform coming with complete of renovation. We had to do a visual inspection and magnetic...

India – Bengal Sea

Very demanding and challenging project for prepare and exchange flare tips. The whole difficulty lay in the fact that the flare tips have changed on the ship, which was on the high seas. The total area was limited and had to count breaker that moving ship from...

North Sea - Total

On project Total we brace up all platform with many beams, that required a lot of rigging in narrow space. We also built a structure and winches whose function was to lift two 40 Tons quarters underneath of helideck. It also required a lot of rigging and...

Rotterdam - Saipem

Work on Scarabeo 6 included painting of the legs ceilings in the rooms of winches, extra work platforms under the deck, NDT inspection of steal ears, inspection pipes inside the legs, removing scaffolding pipes from legs. The most difficult part was the rigging...

Norway - Hardanger Bridge

It is one of the longest hanging bridges in the world which is build in Norway. It is long 1300m and is situated in the beautiful Norwegian fjords –Hagandenrbrue bridge. There were generally used new technologies, new teams of workers trained to entire project...

Rotterdam - GT1

On Project GT1 we did instillation of beams inside of module. We also install clamps under neat a helli deck, painting of legs, and a lot of additional jobs around of GT1.

Saudi Arabia - Manifah

Construction of new refineries in Manifah included a self-standing tower with a burner for flaring. Each tower is composed of three parts, each had about 20 meters. Every single part had to be stretched and razed it to be mounted next section. Tension be done...

North sea - Dana Petroleum

On Project Dana we change Flare Tip, cabletrase, and parts of construction.

Qatar - Qatar Gas

This project included the replacement flare tip on 4 flare tower 200 meters high. This flare was demountable piece by piece. We had to pass nine pieces of pipes with diameter o f 42" with using winches and pulleys. In additional work on flare...

Slovakia - Nitra

To reduce the reasonable expenses of owners of flats in prefabricated houses we assembled steel constructures whitcht will serve as a carrier of TV satellites and also to consolidate small wind turbines that will generate electricity and thus reduce costs...

Indonesia - Balikpapan

They hired us up to Indonesia to change Flaretyp. For flaretyp change we use winch placed an the bout, and special construction build for this purpose.

Denmark - Maersk

Work in Denmark an Oil rig - Maersk Guardian consist in dismounting of old anodes and mounting new one. All welds on the anodes had to bee check with MPI. We also did some additional work, as changing U bolts, and rigging for NDT inspectors. For lifting of...

Rotterdam - Magallen

Our work in Rotterdam consist in removing old anoids, and installing new ones, alongside it, we remove old plates

Belgium - Pami

The work was divided into several stages which are made of 2 towers of 100m height. The main part of exchange of flare tips and monocular seal, painting riser pipes and platforms, construct of new extra steel platform on 20m, installation of extra steel beams...

Israel - Haifa ORL

The work was divided into several stages which are made of 2 towers of 100m height. The main part of exchange of flare tips and monocular seal, painting riser pipes and platforms, construct of new extra steel platform on 20m, installation of extra steel beams...

Curaçao - ISLA

Our work in island Curacao consist of exchange of almost all parts of construction, and installation of platforms. This kind of work include a lat welding, work according plans, painting and a lat of work with grinding machine.

Den Haag

We have changed iron braces, that been holding trackage at this project.