Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Again a big project in Saudi Arabia that included Rigging and Rope Access job. One of the biggest Flares in KSA 200m heigh tower in Yanbu. We had to replace 3 Flare tips – (HP, LP and Acid). For this we use massive lift with croll crain with boom length 223m. We remove all 3 flare tips in 1 day. The problem start when we dismantle HP and LP flare tips. The flanges on both risers was damage so we have to make it new face on flanges. We did complete NDT inspection on all risers from top to bottom. That we did by VT, PT and UT. All work preceded detailed planning, discipline and skills. The project was done successful in 14 days without any injuries or mistakes. Thank you again all team what did a great job. Pictures are not allowed post on Facebook so we keep them in our archive.